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The Mission

To provide people a simple and effective way to make a positive mark, while using eco-friendly products and printing.


We believe we’re all stewards of the Earth. We only use sustainable materials, printing methods and inks that are friendlier to the environment.

Giving Back

We’ve pledged to donate at least 10% of net profits to organizations or individuals making a positive impact in climate change and environmental sustainability. Since 2018 we have donated >$5,000 to four nonprofit orgs.

Funds raised since 2018


Nonprofits supported


We love typography and t-shirts. Good type design helps words come across clearly, and make an emotional impact.

Make a statement. Make a mark.

We’re a family owned, mom and pop shop. We’re thankful for your visit, and we hope you find a shirt or two you like while you’re here!

Please reach out with any questions or requests.